1/8 Panic of Winbee


The story takes place on the island of Donburi-tou. Pastel is preparing for the Miss Donburi-tou Pageant, and she is on a rigorous diet. Needless to say, she is determined to be the champion. She has also been undergoing some special training with her older brother, Light. But the combination of a strict diet and intense training is too much for Pastel, and Pastel is soon presented with an opportunity she can't say no to...

Madoka presents some cookies to Pastel that she just baked, which are promptly devoured. The next day is the day of the pageant. Unfortunately for Pastel, she has discovered that she has shrunk to the size of a doll, which ruins her chance at winning the pageant. Pastel starts crying because of this, and Madoka summons Light because of this.

"Pastel! What on Earth has happened to you?!" asks her brother, shocked at Pastel's size.

Truth be told, Madoka mixed a chemical compound that was concocted by the Doctor in with the cookies that Pastel ate yesterday. And it just so happens that he has a new machine of his and has shown up at the pageant to set things right.

"Don't worry, she will return to her original size if I shoot her with my Growth Ray" says the Doctor. And, he points his Growth Ray at Pastel and activates it. However, the Growth Ray still needed a bit of fine tuning before it left the Doctor's workshop. The ray narrowly misses Pastel and hits the girl standing next to her, who didn't need a growth spurt in the middle of the pageant.


This anime series is a remake of a game. I have never played the game personally, though I know of it.

This anime series was not made right after the game was released. A radio drama was made first. Due to the radio drama's high reputation, the anime was made. In Japan, games are sometimes remade as a radio drama or CD drama.

In both the game and the drama, neither the giantess nor the shrunk woman made an appearance. They only appear between a small climactic scene in the anime, in order to direct a confusing scene.

Winbee was also made into a manga. The manga was drawn by YOSHIZAKI Miyone, and a giantess does not appear in the manga, either. It is worth noting that he produced a doujinshi manga (drawn by fans) where a giantess did make an appearance. The story is a huge cliche where a gigantic, cute, naked woman fights against Japan's armed forces. The title of this manga is "Mag Max".

  • Original English translation by: X-Virus
  • Revised translation by: Blar

Published : 2002.10.16
Update : 2004.09.30

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