The king of aggressors aimed at the earth. The king made one man change to the giant for conquer the earth. Then, the king made the giant go to Tokyo.

The giant began to destroy Tokyo. But, nobody can knock down the giant.

The giant had a samurai's spirit. He thought;

I am too strong in comparison with mankind.

That's because I am huge.

That isn't fair.

I can win even if it is a fair game.

It is because I am strong...

When the giant pointed at one girl, her body grew rapidly. And now, she became a giantess for the game of the giant...


The name of the girl who grew up to be a giant woman is Manko. ”KO” has it about most of the names of the Japanese woman. It has the meaning of ”cute” or ”lovely”, that is a lot of parents' wish.

By the way, as for many parents' wish, the meaning of Manko has opposite meaning. Because, ”MANKO” meaning is fuc*...

The giant reminds many Japanese of the famous Japanese television program ”ULTRAMAN”.

Ultraman is a hero for the children. But, the giant has the arrangement for the adult only in these manga by Miss. Moribayashi. He is nudity and he has a huge organ in front of his waist. My explanation about their game isn't necessary, if you are intelligent...

Published : 2004.09.30
Update : 2004.09.30


Author MORIBAYASHI Ringo (Woody Rinn)
Publisher BYAKUYA Shobo
First Edition 1990 Apl.
ISBN 4-89367-179-0
List Price 850 yen (without tax)
Size A5

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