The enormous beauty girl landing

Kyodai Bishoujo Jouriku



Out of the blue, a giantess appeared from the underwater, made a defense ship sink. The giantess swam over to Tokyo and landed after that. The giantess had look and feel to 18 years old girl aside from the fact that the body is huge.

She stride irritably around in Tokyo. Her step was stopped when she met Japanese self-defense force. She looked down at a miniature tank when she heard a voice around her foot. And then, they began a funny conversation...

When they began the conversation, other giant swam over to Tokyo. New giant had look and feel to 18 years old boy. He searched the city for the giant girl...


There is sexual scene by giants in this work. Zerry FUJIO draws the eroticism manga mainly. A main character is always set up in the funny situation at his works. In this work, two giants set up in the miniature city and a lot of miniature people look to them. All buildings are not tall than them and they can't hide behind any thing.

The giants had sex without concern for a lot of tiny people looked. The tiny people just to have a look and haven't an effective method for the giants. It's means, people are the same as insects for the giants. And all of objects are miniature toys for the giants.

Who minds the toys and the eyes of insects?

Published : 2007.07.23
Update : 2007.07.23


Publisher Fujibi shuppan
ISBN ISBN4-894-21195-5
Price 777yen
Size A4


Publisher Fujibi shuppan
ISBN 4877345116
Price 680yen
Size A4

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