Welcome to the giants and tiny-people world.

G-ZONE, the theme of this site is the story of the giants or tiny people in the world.

In the world, you could see many different fantasy stories. you must have met the giants or the tiny people in them.

If that stories are your interest, this site opens many doors for you.


Do you like stories of giants and tiny people?

Sure, I Like them!

Hi, I'm X-Virus. I like them. And I collect stories from around the world. I'll comment on many of them in this site. Some stories are fine for children. However, some stories include depictions of violence and sexual content. So careful, if you don't like ghoulishness or sexual stories, you didn't enter this site.

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Some contents are for adult. Therefore if you are not 18 years old or older, you get admission of parents and please enjoy contents of this site.